Back in with the old (but new) bubble vest!

I use to love Old Navy’s classic bubble vests way back when. It’s been a while since I’ve had one but as soon as I saw this neon pink one I was instantly re-sold! Upon re-discovering a childhood favourite I decided to browse some more in the store and couldn’t believe what I had been missing. During this shopping trip I picked up the adorable grey with white polka dot sweater and tan hat with neon pink pom-pom in their sale section. I had seen the hat on line that also came in navy blue with a turquoise pom-pom but the pink was all sold out- so you could imagine my excitement when I actually found one!

Since I was throwing it back to my “younger” years with the bubble vest it also inspired me to add another aspect of my childhood into my picture (my figure skates.) Up until about 5 years ago I figure skated since I was about 2 years old! The outfit made me feel like a big kid but I absolutely loved it! For a final touch I put on my bright blue Rayban aviators in some of the pictures (as you might have noticed I’m trying to chase my winter blues away with a bright wardrobe!) Scroll down after the outfit details for a few more shots of my outfit put altogether!

I’d love to hear your guys feedback on this outfit and some of your Old Navy finds! 🙂


Polka Dot Sweater- Old Navy

Neon Pink Bubble Vest- Old Navy

Tan & Neon Pink Pom-Pom Hat- Old Navy

Leopard Scarf- Unknown

Blue Rayban Aviators- Marshalls 



A closer look at the amazing neon-pink bubble vest (I think I’m in love)


When I said I was in love with the vest… I almost forgot about my love for this adorably cute & bright toque! 


You can’t go wrong with a pair of Rayban aviators (EVER), these bright blue lens ones are no exception!

IMG_2971 IMG_2977 IMG_3012

IMG_2982 IMG_2992 IMG_3014

IMG_3025 IMG_2999 IMG_2978

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