Polar-Bear Status

Although the temperatures in Canada are starting to rise and Spring is just around the corner I’m not ready to give up this incredibly fuzzy and comfortable sweater just yet! I was skeptical about it at first since I ordered it online and wouldn’t have the chance to try it on. The second I took it out of the box and put it on I was instantly in love! I ordered it from Forever 21 online a little while ago (they might still have it.)

This sweater is the perfect transitional piece for your winter to spring wardrobe!

I paired it with a sky blue long sleeve crew neck sweater, I was so in love with the colour. This is a perfect sweater that I can wear into Spring for a while since it’s not too thick and it’s the perfect colour! It came in a couple of colours but I personally really liked this one. I went for a dark pair of jeans (Michael Kors skinny jeans) and my black hunter boots. I finished the look off by layering two different delicate necklaces (loving this trend right now.) I got a pack of 3 from Urban Behaviour. I love them because you can wear them all together at different lengths or just one!

I’d love to hear what you think of this sweater (I’ve had some mixed reviews, most love it just like me!)







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