Good Friday Breakfast!

Everybunny loves bacon, eggs, and pancakes! What better way to spend the day off work!


Both of these dishes were super easy to make! 

imageFor the bunny pancakes I just made 6 pancakes in all different sizes! I used chocolate chips and slices of bananas for the bunny paws and some whipped cream for the tail (you could add some coconut to make it look more like fur.) I finished the dish off with some strawberries cut into hearts! One little thing I realized I mixed up after the fact was that I made the feet upside down (woops). If you make a mistake it will most likely only be you that notices so don’t worry too much!


The bunny egg was even simpler! I used a small frying pan to cook a perfect egg. Then,  I cut up some cheese into small strips for the whiskers, bacon for the bunny ears and chocolate chips for the eyes (it was all I could think to use for eyes that I had!) You can take them out before you eat your egg!

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