Fall Catwalk Beauty Trends 2016 Event

On September 8th I was lucky enough to be selected to attend Dave Lackie’s Fall Catwalk Beauty Trends 2016 Event at Hudson’s Bay Toronto.


Dave started the night off with some great stories of how he started in the industry and shared some funny experiences he had in his first jobs and celebrities he met along the way. Dave said how he followed his passion and that if you really love something and enjoy it,the money will come. Since starting my blog just two years ago, it’s opened me up to an entire world out there that I didn’t really know existed before. Once meeting Dave and all the other lucky guests that attend his events it ignited a spark in me to write more, take lots of pictures and share this passion with others.


Dave then talked about some of the hottest trends hitting the biggest catwalks this fall. I was pleasantly surprised to see dark  reds and even black shades for the “it” lipstick shade. I already went out and purchased one, can’t wait to test it out! Reds are still a hot colour for the season, which I especially love to rock around the holidays! Keeping the rest of your makeup more neutral and simple allows you to go for a bolder lip without overdoing it. We saw another trend of ombre lips which I think once I figured it out could be amazing!

Jumping forward, we got a sneak peek at some of the beauty trends coming our way in 2017. Orange is the colour in beauty for Spring 2017!

I had a really great time at this event, and learned so much about Global trends and all the intricate little details that designers put into their beauty products for us to enjoy. Let’s just say, I have really started to grow an appreciation for beauty products and I’m loving following the stories being told through the designers.

Thanks for another inspiring night Dave. I can’t thank you enough for the generous gift bag that you sent all of us home with. I’ll be travelling to Vegas at the end of the month and these minis are the perfect size to pack.


Can’t wait to see you, and everyone else’s beautiful faces and personalties again soon!




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