Ghouls’ Night- A Perfectly Pink Halloween Party


When you think of Halloween, the first colours that come to mind are typically orange and black! I decided to push the envelope and go with a blush pink Halloween party a la Lauren Conrad. I figured I love everything pink so why not incorporate it everywhere and anywhere I can?

Grab your ghoul-friends and get this pink party started!


We decided to ditch the costumes this time around, but everyone did come in shades of pink which was amazing!


The result…

The most picture worthy ghouls’ night Halloween party ever!


Once I decided on the pink Halloween theme I first decided what treats I would make. A lot of the decor and ideas I already had from when I decorated my bar cart last Halloween, see the post here!

I drew major inspiration from my absolute fave Lauren Conrad’s and her pink Halloween pos! I just loved the cake, I mean common, how cute are little pink ghosts?


Pink ombré cake, a definite must and such a sweet surprise!




For the other treats, I simply decorated store bought donuts with pink chocolate and sprinkles. I also made sugar cookies and put googly eyes on them (super simple!)



The last treat I made were the pumpkin spice cream cheese cake pop treat bars- I just loved how these turned out! I baked my pumpkin spice cheese cake loaf (recipe coming soon) and crumbled it up and turned them into cake pops!



Next, I had to think about where I was going to put all these spooky snacks. In keeping with the pink theme, I went for an entire black and pink tablescape! Again, not your typical Halloween decor, but with a few candles, and a few skulls and spiders it really came together perfectly. With Halloween less than a week away there are tons of sales going on, I picked up most of the little decor pieces from Michaels (majorly on sale) or the dollar store (always a great place to go!)


To go on each of the guests’ plates, I dipped a green apple in pink candy melts and used re-usable sticks from Michaels. I found pink paper plates and gingham print napkins at my local dollar-store!

See last year’s blog post on how to make the simple pastel pink candy apples!


You can’t have a party without drinks, that would just be scary! So, I came up with a Marg-Ghoul-Rita signature drink-which was you guessed it…pink! I topped the champagne flute off with a sugared rim and a spooky little surprise in the bottom- a gummie candy eyeball!



Of course no party is complete without a fully stocked bar-cart, because who are we kidding, we know we all came for the boos!


You wore pink? Great, you can sit with us!



I figured it might be hard finding a pink skull, so I DIY’d this one by adding some pastel pink paint over it I love how it fit with the theme! 31E7F73D-D95B-4D59-BF11-87E982D0395F

Now go ahead and trick-or-treat, yourself, and throw the ultimate Ghouls’ Night Halloween party!


Cheers, witches!




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