Styling Jumpsuits for Fall!


Now that the cooler temps have swept in and have taken over, it has it made it all the more difficult to stay warm, but still look cute. This is something year after year I have struggled with, mostly because I love the warm and love my summer closet much more than my Fall/Winter.

I found the best way to wear those adorable jumpsuits right into the fall and even winter by simply layering a long sleeve top, or chunky knit sweater underneath. I have found so much use for a lot of my jumpsuits by using this little style hack. I packed away the really light coloured, or super flowery-summer printed ones but still have a lot to work with.


This gingham print bow-tie jumpsuits was one of my faves in the summer with a white t-shirt underneath and I just love how it looks with a chunky white sweater underneath. This particular jumpsuit I ordered from Forever 21 online in the summer. It is unfortunately sold out, but there are many other options avaialble out there on sites like Shein, ASOS, Topshop and beyond. It’s safe to say gingham is here to stay!


I paired it with a classic pair of black and white Vans but you could easily take this look from day to night and throw on a pair of little black heeled booties, or a pop of colour like red!


I wore this outfit out to the pumpkin patch and got so many people coming up to me and complimenting me on my outfit. The gingham print is a classic, but was so perfect for a beautiful Fall day at the pumpkin patch! With the black and white, small gingham print pattern you could really accessorize and style this however you please!



I hope you enjoyed this point and don’t shy away from rocking those jumpsuits into the fall and winter! Your style shouldn’t be compromised just being of cooler temps, so just find a way to work with what you’ve got!



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