Layered “It” Knit Sweater For Fall!

If you follow a lot of fashion bloggers on Instagram you are sure to have seen the coveted “it” heart knit sweater littering the accounts you follow and your explore page. I know I have, and I have been obsessed with it forever. I’ve gone back and forth with which one to get, pullover or cardigan, pink, or white, but just couldn’t wrap my ahead around the price-tag.


Low and behold I walked into a newly opened Nordstrom Rack and found an almost identical dupe for only $41 (the ones from Chic Wish retail for about $98 CAD.) I couldn’t find a link online to this one, but maybe you will have some luck finding it in store.  It also came in mustard yellow which is a hot colour this season, and a fuchsia pink. I figured the cream colour would be the most practical and that I could match it with a lot more things.


I paired mine with a black and white plaid shirt underneath, some cargo pants and a pair of Dr. Martens! I love the versatility of this sweater and that it can be paired with so much!


Fast forward to a few weeks later and I walk into H&M and see practically the same sweaters on display there…and for even cheaper! They carried a taupe colour which did not go well with my skin tone and hair colour, and the most beautiful cherry red. I couldn’t help myself for $39.99. So, I picked up the red for the holidays and thought how perfect it would also be for Valentines Day! I found H&M sizes ran big for this item, so I went with an x-small and still have room to layer underneath if I want. The main difference between this sweater and the ones from Chic Wish or the one I got from Nordstrom Rack is that the knit hearts are only on the front of this sweater, still great, especially for that price!


If you’ve been eyeing these sweaters like I have been forever, this is a really affordable option. I would run, not walk to the store (or even check online), these will be selling out FAST!


Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Staffordable

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