Lypsyl Original & Cherry Lip Balm Dot Com

With spring on it’s way and many of us working from home, there is no better time to really start taking care of ourselves than right now. Lypsyl Original & Cherry Lip are the “Balm” dot com for me right now.

After a harsh, cold winter one of the first things I start noticing was how dry and chapped my lips were. It’s something so mundane to think about applying lip balm, but I find if its nearby I am likely to use it more often.

I know I’ve been dreaming of spring and warmer days, but just because the weather is warming up, doesn’t mean the chapped lips stop there. It is always good to just keep up your routine into the spring and summer months. The sun and can be so drying, along with other environmental stressors on your lips. Since your lips aren’t able to produce oils like other glands, and the skin is thin, it is imperative that we keep them protected and moisturized as best we can.

I like to start my morning routine after I wash my face and apply lotion, I use some lip balm before applying the rest of my makeup. That way, it gives it some time to soak in, especially if you’re going to add some lipstick or gloss on top, or having a bite to eat before leaving the house.

I always leave one by my bedside table to apply right before bedtime, one in my catch-all dish by the front door for quick application after breakfast or when you arrive back home, and my tried and true, in my purse for easy on-to-go- anywhere application.

Lypsyl has been around for as long as my memory goes back and the original “flavours” are just like you remember. Lypsyl is available in original, and cherry, both with the same soothing effects. For me, knowing that Lypsyl is a well-known, paraben and phthalates free product I can stand behind this company and know it will leave my lips moisturized and soft!

“With over 100 years in Swedish Lip Care, Lypsyl combines the very best quality ingredients and years of experience to bring out your natural beauty.

Lypsyl Cherry & Lypsyl Original:

  • Made with beeswax; No parabens or phthalates
  • Moisturizes & soothes to keep lips soft and smooth
  • Helps protect against the drying effects of the environment
  • Glides on easily for smooth & consistent coverage”

Lypysl is available for purchase at Walmart.

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