Spring is already in full-force but I just recently did a massive Spring clean-out of my closet. There’s nothing better than finally getting around to cleaning out your closet and organizing. I always find that I am less stressed if I’m living in a area that is clutter free and neatly organized.


A place for everything and everything in its place!

Here are a few of the tricks I use when tackling the dreaded closet clean: 

  • Does this fit?”- sometimes it can be a tedious task to take items out and try them all but if you’re going to commit to cleaning you’ve got to do this step. Otherwise, you will find yourself putting it back in the closet and coming back to it the next time you clean.
  • Have I worn this item in the last 12 months?” – Now, if you’re anything like me and have a lot of clothes, the answer to this question is almost always no. I tend to keep two separate closets, one for winter/fall clothes and one for spring/summer. By doing this I can make sure I get good use out of my seasonal items, some things like tanks you will always find yourself using no matter what the season is, since you can throw a sweater or jacket over top. If I have to really question when I actually wore the article last I toss it! I always have the urge to keep things and think that I will find a use from them one day, but the reality is my closet was overflowing and un-used items were building up fast!
  • Will I ever wear this again?“- We all have those articles that we just had to have and probably thought it was so cool at the time. Or, perhaps it was a fancy dress you bought for a wedding or a party that you will never wear again. This is a tough one, but think hard about whether your style has changed and if you could really see yourself ever wearing it again or if it was just that one-time item sort of thing. My style is constantly changing and sometimes I question the items I’ve bought in the past. I also don’t tend to stick to any one style in particular, but we all go through our phases. My closet was getting filled with parts of costumes, etc., so instead of keeping these in my closet I started up a costume box for anything I really couldn’t part with and think I could definitely use again.
  • Is it damaged in any way?“- I currently have a few items that need a quick stitch and you know what, they’ve been sitting in a bag in my closet for a year (what does that tell you??) If I don’t make the effort to get something fixed right away, do I really need to be keeping it, clearly I’m not missing it!!
  • If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?” – This is a huge one for me. Again, going back to my style constantly evolving this is a tough question for me sometimes. I think, okay, this would be great for the beach, or this would be great for a party. If I can’t find an occasion to wear the item I put it in my pile for donating.

This may seem like a lot of work to go through to organize your closet, but it really does pay off in the end.

Last but not least, a couple of my all-time favourite closet organization tricks:

  • Colour coordination is a must!!! (I know exactly where that hot-pink tank is, or that skull-print sweater is)
  • Keep your pants and dresses separate. I am lucky enough to have a separate closet for these but if you don’t, try using a different part of your closet to hang these in their own area so that they aren’t mixed up with your tops!
  • Double-up on hangers. If I were to put one item per hanger I would be keeping the hanger companies in business even more than I already do. If I have an thin-strappy orange coloured tank, I will hang it on the same hanger as an orange coloured top. It saves you hangers, and space!
  • Keep the bulky sweaters in a drawer. If you have a wardrobe USE IT! Not only does hanging up bulky sweaters suck up a ton of space it can also damage the shoulders in a lot of sweaters (speaking from experience)
  • When I buy a new item, I try to donate at least 2 items. This rule is crucial if you’re a shopoholic like me. If you aren’t getting rid of anything and new items are always arriving in your closet you will find yourself overwhelmed and running out of space quickly!
  • Use all the same hangers. I get just plain white hangers from the Dollarstore, they’re cheap and I like the consistent look of them all being the same. Also, make sure you have them all hanging in the same direction!
  • Hang up racks in your closet if you have any large statement necklaces. For me, this was a huge must-have. I like to be able to see all my jewellery and this was a perfect way to do that and have it look good at the same time!
  • Sufficient lighting. If you don’t have a light built-in to your closet, try having a lamp close by. It really helps to be able to see your clothes in the right light so you know that that black blouse is actually black and not navy blue!
  • Try keeping any shelving and the bottom of your closet clean of junk. We all have a habit of throwing stuff onto the shelves or floors in our closet. For me, I have everything in little boxes or baskets all neatly tucked into my closet. This is the type of stuff for me that I have a hard time getting rid of (receipts, old school assignments, etc.) I find myself going through it quite frequently and purging.

I hope you enjoy my tips and that they’re helpful to you if you embark on a spring cleaning journey! I’d love to hear what any of your organization tips are, feel free to comment!

For more helpful hints, take a look at link below for an awesome Cosmopolitan article!




Leopard & Pink- A Match Made In Heaven

Leopard & Pink- A Match Made In Heaven



It’s been a while since my last post (I was away on vacation and then have been sick since being back!)

I really couldn’t miss out on posting about my birthday outfit.

I came across a quote from Khloe Kardashian and she really put it quite well:

“Leopard print – it’s timeless, chic, and always in style. When in doubt…leopard!”

I couldn’t agree more with her! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve absolutely loved leopard print. Till this day if you take a look at my closet you will see I have built up quite a collection of leopard print shirts, skirts, skirts, jackets, hats, scarfs, you name it, I LOVE it!

One of my other favourites has and will always be pink. I will wear any shade of pink that is thrown my way! So, of course when I came across this fun Kate Spade skirt from Winners that was the best of both worlds I just had to pick it up. This particular skirt was also featured in Seventeen Magazine sported by Lilly Collins from Kate Spade’s Fall 2013 Collection. It just goes to show you, you don’t have to spend a lot to dress like celebrities, you’ve just got to know where to look! It also helped that it was on sale for $40.00 instead of it’s regular retail price of around $200.00.


I also really liked the fit of it, how it was tight at the waist and had a full skirt (better known as fit and flare.) My favourite part about the whole skirt (HIDDEN POCKETS), any skirt or dress with pockets is a winner in my books! The fluorescent pink criss-cross tank I picked up from Winners as well for only $12.99. They had a variety of different patterns and colours but this one immediately caught my attention hanging on the rack (then again, how could I miss it??) To finish off the look I went for a suede open toe bootie made by Calvin Klein that I bought at Winners last summer on sale for $25.00 (have you figured out that I’m a huge Winners fan??) I love the simplicity of the boots from the front and the edginess and creative design of the heel from the back! I kept accessories very simple by borrowing a statement necklace from my mom and rocking some more Kate Spade on my wrist. I bought the black bangle from the Kate Spade outfit for half off it’s retail price at only $25.00!




Outfit Details:










It may not have been the warmest of “Spring” days today, but the sun was out and shining bright!  I got the inspiration for my outfit (pictured below) from a picture I stumbled upon on Pinterest of Sincerely Jules, one of my favourite fashion bloggers.

I’m a huge fan of anything leopard, and my collection of leopard pieces is continuing to grow! When I came across this long leopard hooded sweater from Zara I just knew I had to have it (it was also MAJORLY on sale!) It’s a pretty thick sweater so I went ahead and wore it as more of a jacket than a sweater and had a long-sleeve underneath.

Sincerely Jules’ lovely leopard jacket is also a Zara find!

I paired this amazing Zara sweater with a snap-button acid-wash denim shirt from H & M, black skinny jeans that have a slight shine to them (Forever 21) and black leather biker boots. I kept accessories to a minimum– my classic Ray-Ban wayfarers, Michael Kors Hamilton satchel/ Michael Kors belt and a black knitted pom-pom hat (because it’s not quite Spring yet!)








I’d love to hear your thoughts about this outfit!

xoxo, Sara




Polar-Bear Status

Polar-Bear Status

Although the temperatures in Canada are starting to rise and Spring is just around the corner I’m not ready to give up this incredibly fuzzy and comfortable sweater just yet! I was skeptical about it at first since I ordered it online and wouldn’t have the chance to try it on. The second I took it out of the box and put it on I was instantly in love! I ordered it from Forever 21 online a little while ago (they might still have it.)

This sweater is the perfect transitional piece for your winter to spring wardrobe!

I paired it with a sky blue long sleeve crew neck sweater, I was so in love with the colour. This is a perfect sweater that I can wear into Spring for a while since it’s not too thick and it’s the perfect colour! It came in a couple of colours but I personally really liked this one. I went for a dark pair of jeans (Michael Kors skinny jeans) and my black hunter boots. I finished the look off by layering two different delicate necklaces (loving this trend right now.) I got a pack of 3 from Urban Behaviour. I love them because you can wear them all together at different lengths or just one!

I’d love to hear what you think of this sweater (I’ve had some mixed reviews, most love it just like me!)







Canadian Winter Essentials! Aritzia sale items!

Canadian Winter Essentials! Aritzia sale items!

I got this amazing long down-filled coat as a Christmas present. The brand is Landry By Shelli Segal. I love the belt, such a nice classy touch!

As for the adorable knit leopard mitts and tube scarf, I got these from Aritzia at their end of season sale. The scarf was only $14.00 and the mitts were $9.00 you can’t beat savings like that!!! I really only buy stuff from this store when it goes on sale, and I had my eyes on these two things for a while- WELL worth the wait!!!


Back in with the old (but new) bubble vest!

Back in with the old (but new) bubble vest!

I use to love Old Navy’s classic bubble vests way back when. It’s been a while since I’ve had one but as soon as I saw this neon pink one I was instantly re-sold! Upon re-discovering a childhood favourite I decided to browse some more in the store and couldn’t believe what I had been missing. During this shopping trip I picked up the adorable grey with white polka dot sweater and tan hat with neon pink pom-pom in their sale section. I had seen the hat on line that also came in navy blue with a turquoise pom-pom but the pink was all sold out- so you could imagine my excitement when I actually found one!

Since I was throwing it back to my “younger” years with the bubble vest it also inspired me to add another aspect of my childhood into my picture (my figure skates.) Up until about 5 years ago I figure skated since I was about 2 years old! The outfit made me feel like a big kid but I absolutely loved it! For a final touch I put on my bright blue Rayban aviators in some of the pictures (as you might have noticed I’m trying to chase my winter blues away with a bright wardrobe!) Scroll down after the outfit details for a few more shots of my outfit put altogether!

I’d love to hear your guys feedback on this outfit and some of your Old Navy finds! 🙂


Polka Dot Sweater- Old Navy

Neon Pink Bubble Vest- Old Navy

Tan & Neon Pink Pom-Pom Hat- Old Navy

Leopard Scarf- Unknown

Blue Rayban Aviators- Marshalls 



A closer look at the amazing neon-pink bubble vest (I think I’m in love)


When I said I was in love with the vest… I almost forgot about my love for this adorably cute & bright toque! 


You can’t go wrong with a pair of Rayban aviators (EVER), these bright blue lens ones are no exception!

IMG_2971 IMG_2977 IMG_3012

IMG_2982 IMG_2992 IMG_3014

IMG_3025 IMG_2999 IMG_2978

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

This is one of my favourite looks! I’m not a huge fan of winter, but there’s no reason why you still can’t maintain your style in frigid temperatures! Below are some photos of me wearing this outfit. Some of them are taking with the large-rim black hat and some with a black toque & aviators. Following after these pictures are the details of my outfit! I hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I do! 🙂


image image image

image  image  image

image     image

image image image


Here’s a list of where I picked up all these awesome items!


This awesome furry leopard print coat I picked up from Winners for only $30.00 I just LOVE the red details on the inside of the coat and on the buttons!


This cute and simple white/black striped sweater pullover I got from Joe Fresh on sale last year for $10.00!


You can’t go wrong with a great pair of black leather tights (always in style!) I wear these all the time, dressing them up or down! This particular pair is pretty thick and has the leather at the front and stretchy material at the back. It also has a zipper which makes them look more like jeans than tights. I just love how these fit! I’ve had these for two years now that I got from H & M.

I went with two totally different hats for this look. For one look I dressed it down with a simple black toque and the other I dressed up with a trendy black wide-brim hat!


This wide-brim hat I picked up from Urban Planet for only $12.00 (I picked up a few colours!) I love the cute little bow detail on the side!


My second look was my simple black toque. I also picked this up from Urban Planet for only $5.00!


I paired this look with an awesome pair of shiny black heeled booties. These are from Zara that I got on sale for $19.00!


I finished up the look with a classic pair of green lens and gold framed Ray- Bans. This particular pair is from Winners ($99.00, such a steal!)


And there you have it! A cute & fashionable look to conquer the cold! I’d LOVE to hear what you think of this outfit! :).

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Liebster Award for new bloggers!


A HUGE thank you goes out to Picky Me for nominating me for the Liebster Award! This is an award for new bloggers that gets passed on from one blogger to the next. All you have to do is share some of your love, and you’ll receive some in return! Once you are nominated you simple answer the 11 questions given to you, choose 11 new followers to pass it on to and then create 11 new questions for them. Here goes nothing!

1. What was the most ridiculous but very cool fashion trend you followed?

I would have to say “chalking” my hair. This was a huge summer trend in 2012 that made social media headlines thanks to Lauren Conrad. Having blonde hair made it really easy for my hair to pick up beautiful colours. The only downfall I found with this trend was that because I have bleached blonde hair it made my hair very dry. I only did it a couple of times but noticed it was damaging my hair. All and all, it was a cool, quick and easy way to change up your look temporarily.

2. In what era would you most like to have grown up in?

I would have loved to grow up in the post-war era of the 1950s. I would love to live in a time of fitted jackets with cinched waists, tweed, and full calf-length skirts. This was also when women were starting to dress more feminine again so the patterns during this time were beautiful! I picture timeless and classic outfits similar to what Kate Middleton would wear (I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t admire her style!)

3. What do you wish you were better at saying “no” to?

I wish I were better at saying “no” to a good sale. I’m a self-proclaimed “shopoholic” and love finding great items at even better prices. Recently I have tried to tone my shopping down a little bit and have realized just how tough it really is. I try to tell myself “no, you don’t need that, even if it’s a good price.” Sometimes I think I just buy things because they are on sale at a good price and otherwise wouldn’t have bought them.

4. What one goal do you hope to accomplish this year?

This sort of coincides with my previous answer of cutting back on my shopping and saving money. This year I would like to save towards a down-payment on a house. It’s going to be really really tough but cutting back on certain things I don’t necessarily need over time is a great place to start. It’s amazing in just one week how much money I’ve saved from not going shopping every single day!

5. What would you like to be doing in 10 years?

Right now I’m unsure about what I want to do with my future and where I see myself in the next ten years. I currently work in the court systems and could see myself staying in that field. I really enjoy helping people and I have a strong interest in the area of crime and criminal justice. On the other-hand, I’ve always had a strong passion for fashion. Starting up my blog was just something on the side I wanted to do for fun but it has really opened my eyes to a whole new world. Who knows, maybe it will be something I look into further and maybe change my area of focus to something like PR, social media relating to fashion.

6. Who did you get your work ethic from?

I would say I get my strong work ethic from both of my parents. My dad is retired after working at a bank for over 30 years and my mom is still working at the same company after 30 years. Their jobs have a lot of responsibility and have them overlooking a team of other people. This is something I could see myself doing one day in a managerial role perhaps. Everyday I saw just how hard they work and above that, how much they enjoy doing what they do. It’s hard to find a job that you are going to like every aspect of and every job has it’s pros and cons. They are both the most selfless, hardworking, smart and devoted people I have ever met (and I’m not just saying that because they’re my parents!)

7. What is the worst thing about being a woman?

The worst thing about being a woman in my opinion is having to get ready to go out, regardless of where it might be. I personally won’t go out without putting just a little makeup on (if I’m just running errands quickly.) Unfortunately I don’t wake up looking radiant. I don’t mind this too much because I sort of like dressing up to go out with friends, always have. It doesn’t take long to throw on some jeans, put on a little bit of makeup and fix up my hair. Unlike men that can just wake up and walk out the door it’s a little more tough for a lot of women, where it is harder to achieve effortless beauty without coming across as lazy and not put together.

8. Who would you most like to see in a concert front row?

That’s a tough one to answer. I don’t really have a favourite artist or band. I would love to go to a huge music festival such as Coachella or Bonnaroo. I love all types of music and would just be amazed by the entire festival atmosphere. Not to mention, festival outfits are awesome, am I right?!

9. If  you could relive any moment in your life, which would you choose?

At this point in my life I would like to relive the moment of my first day of University. When I think back on it now I wondered what I would have done differently. Deciding to go to school and opting to stay in on-campus residence was one of the best choices I made. I made a lot of lifelong friends and have memories I will never forget. It makes me realize how fast time has flown by already and how we take those simple moments for granted at the time.

10. How did you come up with your blog name?

This took me a while to create my blog name but once I landed it on it I knew it was just perfect! I love to shop, and I love being able to style items on an affordable budget. One of my mottos is that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to still look good. I combined my last name “Stafford” with” affordable”- I am known by all my friends and family as someone who finds the greatest affordable fashion finds.

11. What is one fear you would like to conquer? 

One of my biggest fears that I am working on conquering everyday is my fear of failure. A lot of the time I am way too hard on myself and start to second-guess myself. I have to learn to put a little more faith in myself and trust myself and realize that not everything works out perfectly. There have been a lot of instances in my life where I haven’t succeeded at certain things. Instead of getting down on myself and being afraid to ever do them again I am slowly learning how to better myself by learning what I did wrong and see if I can improve.

Here are my 11 nominations…

Amanda from “eastcostfox”

Ela from “wunderbliss”

Stephanie from “stepaniedrenka”

Sarah from “sarahcavelli”

Allie from “alliealamode”

Boston from “namedafteracity”

Sydney from “indie&co”

Amy from “workplayblog”

Davida from “gowildbewild”

Andi from “ourbeaumonde”

Sarah from “citystyleshot”

Here are your questions! 

  1. When did you start blogging and why?
  2. How did you come up with your blog name?
  3. What’s your favourite thing to wear in your closet?
  4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  5. Other than blogging, what is a hobby you pursue?
  6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  7. What is the best thing that has happened to you in you life to date?
  8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
  9. What are your favourite 3 stores?
  10. Where is somewhere you would like to travel to?
  11. What is the best thing you have blogged about so far?

Can’t wait to read your answers! 🙂

Mini Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes & Cake-Pops (Baby Shower Edition)

Mini Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes & Cake-Pops (Baby Shower Edition)

Baking ,the colour pink, parties, and babies…these are just a few of my favourite things! When all of these happened in one day for a baby shower you can imagine how happy I was!

I’ll start off with how I made the mini ice-cream cone cupcakes followed by the cake-pops and end off with my outfit of choice for the baby shower!

Mini Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes

This was the first time I’ve ever tried these out. They sure had the possibility of being disastrous, but thankfully it didn’t go down that route! For how cute these turned out you would think they would be hard to make but they are surprisingly really simple (major plus!)


 Step 1: Gather your materials!

IMG_3405   IMG_3416

These are all the items you’ll need (it’s that simple!)

  • 1 box of the cake-mix of your choice
  • 1 container of icing of your choice
  • A box of ice-cream cones– any size or shape you wish to use is fine (I used mini ones that were pointed at the base)
  • Sprinkles, candies, gum-balls,nuts, etc (I went for bright pink gum balls as a “cherry on top” for mine)
  • Piping bag/icing decorating tips (I got this box which includes 8 bags and 4 different types from Dollarama)– this way you can get that signature ice-cream swirl!

Depending on how you want to personalize our cones you can opt for any type of boxed cake-mix, icing, sprinkles (I got two containers filled with all different types of sprinkles from Dollarama), candies, and size/shape of the cones. I went for a classic looking ice-cream cone! The only thing I would change when I make these again is to use flat bottomed cones as the pointed ends made cooking the cake-mix somewhat tricky! Other than that, I was happy at how simple they were to make and didn’t take long at all!

Step 2: Arrange Cones In Cupcake/Muffin Pan

If you go with the pointed cones you will have to cover your pan with aluminum foil first and then poke holes in it so the cones can be inserted and stand straight up. This will prevent them from tipping over while the bake. Otherwise, place your flat-bottom comes directly into one of the circles of the pan. As you can see pictured below my cones are now sitting securely in the pan ready to be filled then baked!

IMG_3408    IMG_3409

Step 3: Fill cones with batter

                            IMG_3406   IMG_3412

I got this squeeze bottle from Homesense and it’s been perfect for making cupcakes, and even pancakes with no mess! It’s easy to fill as the top and bottom both come off, which makes for quick and easy cleaning of the bottle! Using this I filled the cones about 3/4 of the way full. Caution: Don’t overfill your cones or the cake will spew out over the top. It’s not the end of the world if that does happen to you. A couple of mine at the start did that but I just trimmed away any excess once the cake was cooledOnce you’ve filled the cone give it a light tap on your counter space (this allows for the batter to make it’s way all the way to the bottom.) If you take a look at the picture above you will see a cone cut open with the cooked cake reaching right down the very tip of the cone, this is exactly what you want! . IMPORTANT: IMMEDIATELY after your cones come out of the oven use a toothpick and poke a small whole to allow steam out (if you miss this step you will end up with soggy cones!)

Step 4: Assemble your stand/display

While you patiently wait for your cones to cool down you can get your stand or display ready. Because I went with the pointed bottomed cones I had to create something that would hold them upright. I used the top of a shoebox and wrapped it in some cute pink wrapping paper. Once that was done I poked small holes in the shoebox big enough that the cones stayed put. If you use flat bottom cones you can display your finished product any way you’d like!

IMG_3422Step 5: Decorate your cones!

This was my favourite part! Like I previously mentioned you can ice/decorate your cones any way you like as well as top it with anything (be creative!) I used one of the decorating tips to get the swirled icing and used multicoloured sprinkles and topped it off with a pink gum ball in keeping with the pink baby shower theme!


These ice-cream cones were a huge hit among those both young and old! I really enjoyed making them and will make them again in the future! 🙂


Anyone who has every made cake-pops before or attempted to make them knows they are a ton of work! The end product is really remarkable and it’s worth it to see people’s expressions on special occasions such as these! Sorry I don’t have pictures of every step! Next time I make these I will be sure to do so (I’m a visual learner so I know it helps to see what’s going on.)

Step 1: Gather your materials! 


What you will need:

  • 1 box of boxed cake mix (any kind)
  • 1 container of the icing of your choice
  • 1-2 bags of Wilton Candy Melts (can be bought at Michaels) or in bulk from the Bulk Barn
  • Lollipop sticks (Can also be found at Michaels and Bulk Barn)
  • Sprinkles, nuts, etc however you want to decorate your pops!
  • Also included in the photo is Wilton markers (edible)– these were perfect for drawing the faces on the baby cake-pops!

Step 1: Bake cake

Follow the instructions listed on the back of the cake mix. Don’t worry if the cake isn’t perfect when it comes out, you will be crumbling it to smithereens anyways! Just make sure it is cooked all the way through!

Step 2: Let cake cool

Once the cake is taken out of the oven give it time to cool COMPLETELY. You can remove it from the baking pan to let some of the steam out.

Step 3: Crumble cake

It seems like shame to crumble a perfectly good cake after it’s just come out of the oven but it’s exactly what is needed to start to cake-pop process. The easiest way to go about this is to cut your cake into two sections (if you are using a rectangular cake-pan.) Pick these two pieces up and rub them together, you will notice that the cake will begin crumbling into very fine pieces. Do this in a large bowl and once it is completely crumbled run a fork through it to make sure there aren’t any large chunks remaining.

Step 4: Add icing

This is where it is imperative that you let your cake cool completely before continuing. Once that is done, take your container of icing and add about half of it to your large bowl of crumbled cake. Mix these two ingredients in well. You should now be left with a sticky consistency with no loose crumbs. If it is still too dry you can always add more icing, start with less and add more in as you go.

Step 5: Roll into balls

Once your mixture is the right consistency you can now grab about a tablespoon sized helping of the cake and icing mix and begin rolling it into a ball. It will take a little bit for it to stick well. Ensure that it is as round as you can get it and that there are no holes and the cake/icing is stuck together well. Avoid making the balls too large or you will find that they fall off the stick when you go to dip it in the chocolate. You can then lay all of the completed balls out onto wax paper and insert them in the fridge or freezer for 5-10 minutes while you melt your candy melts.

Step 6: Melt candy melts

In a microwave-safe container or on a double-broiler melt your candy melts until they are a nice runny consistency. DO NOT overcook these chocolates or they will become too hard and not usable.

Step 7: Insert lollipop sticks

Once your candy melts are ready you can take your first lollipop stick and dip one end of it into this mixture (about an inch deep.) Tap off any extra and then insert the coated end of the stick into the ball. It is easiest if you insert it with the ball staying flat on the wax paper. Remember not to push the lollipop stick in too far or it will break through the top of the cake-pop and fall off the stick! Complete this step for all remaining balls.

                                       IMG_3413 IMG_3414

Step 8: Place back in fridge/freezer

To ensure that the stick is going to be securely on the ball you can place them back in the fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes!

Step 9: Dip cake-pops in candy melts

This is the most tedious part of the whole process and can become very frustration. Once you get the hang of it, each and every time you make these you will get better at this step. With the lollipop stick now on the ball you can dunk it into a tall glass. Place it all the way in the liquid as far down as it goes but don’t force it as they are very delicate. Also do not swirl the stick around in the candy melts as this will loosen up the stick and may cause it to separate from the ball. Carefully take the now coated ball out of the melts and gently tap off any excess chocolate. Don’t tap too hard or your ball will fall right off the stick (I’ve had that happen far too many times, or I loose a ball from not dunking it properly)

Step 10: Decorate

You can decorate your cake pops any way you please. Remember to work fast if you are using things such as sprinkles as it will only stick while the melts are still wet! To make “baby” cake-pops like the ones I did, stick a small cupcake wrapper on the back of the cake pop as it is still wet. I used the edible markers to draw on the face and tied some pink ribbon in a bow (they actually ended up looking like arms coincidently.)


Step 11: Set aside to dry

The candy melts do dry fairly quickly but just to be overly cautious I usually place my finished cake-pops on a stand to allow them to continue drying. This will ensure that they have a smooth polished finish!

Step 12: Presentation

Pack them up, wrap them up or stick them in a container! I used a flower arrangement that already had oasis in it. I like to use oasis as the cake pops stick into it perfectly and hold really well. It’s an unpleasant green colour so I just covered mine with pink tissue paper and then poked the lollipop sticks right through it. These make great gifts, why not show off all your hard work and deliver some to your friends and family? You can get really creative with how you decorate them and they are also raved about at any party I bring them to!

IMG_3429 IMG_3431

The two finished products presented together…  



Last but not least…my outfit for the shower! In keeping with the theme, I opted for cheetah print with a hint of pink!

Outfit Details:

  • Black/Pink 3/4 sleeve cheetah print shift dress with black trim/back zipper (Winners)
  • Black Blazer with faux-leather sleeves (H & M)
  • Black Michael Kors Fulton Flats (Macy’s)– I went for comfort since I knew I would be on my feet walking around all day!
  • Baby pink statement necklace (Boutique in New York City)– Kept it simple because of the loud patterned dress
  • Black sheer stockings– not necessary but it was freezing so I went with them!
  • Assorted Tiffany & Co bracelets and Pandora Rings– These are my staple pieces of jewellery that I wear on a day-to-day basis and when I’m going out!

IMG_3488 IMG_3489

IMG_3490                     IMG_3491