DEERific DIY Halloween Costume

DEERific DIY Halloween Costume
Yet another Halloween has come and gone!
 I’ve always loved Halloween and going all out with costumes–this year was no exception! I typically like creating my own costumes opposed to buying them from a costume store.For this costume in particular I bought the deer onesie (which can be used again) The rest was all made by hand! You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great costume, just an open mind and lots of creativity! I hope you enjoy!

DIY Deer Halloween Costume:

To create a look similar to this one you can start with finding something to wear that is all brown. In my case, I lucked out and came across the perfect outfit. Because I started shopping around early for my costume, I was able to get a great deal on it, and that way I didn’t have to make the biggest part of this costume. I found my onesie at Bluenotes and got it on sale for $25.00! It’s almost next to impossible to find a costume for that cheap at a costume store these days! It was actually a Rudolph onesie that came with a hood complete with antlers and ears. I didn’t particularly like the hood and knew I was going to be making antlers of my own so I cut the whole hood right off. I saved the antlers and ears so I could use them somewhere else for my costume.

How-to recreate this look:

Rudolph Reindeer Onesie, Bluenotes, $25.00

Start off with finding a top and bottom that are a similar shade of brown. If you aren’t able to find a onesie similar to mine, try matching brown tights, pants or a skirt to a long sleeve shirt. This onesie also came with pockets (as if it already couldn’t get any better!) I always make my costumes so I cheated a little bit here since the onesie I bought– but I wouldn’t be able to make something for that price.

Once I removed the hood, it was time to start the antlers! You could always go to the costume store and buy antlers, but I wanted to create ones that looked  more realistic than store-bought one. I used aluminium foil to create the shape and size that I wanted. Once I was happy with those I began making the paper mâché mix that I would use to cover the antlers with. I hadn’t made this mixture in years, but it’s as simple as 1 part flour to two parts water mixed in a large bowl. I then ripped newspaper into long and thin strips. Next, dunk the strips into the mix remembering to run your finger down the strip to remove excess paper mâché. Begin placing it on the aluminum foil antlers making sure to mould it to the shape you had originally created. I did about two coats of this until it was smooth and no aluminum foil was left showing. You can dip your finger in the mixture and place it onto the placed newspaper so that the pieces stay nice and smooth (makes for easier painting.) When they are fully complete, place them on a drying rack before beginning to paint. I did these the night before and waited until the morning to paint them.


IMG_3552 IMG_3553


I decided to paint the antlers three different colours to get the look I wanted. I used a beige colour first,and painted two thin coats over the entire thing. I then used a light brown and white until they started looking realistic. I placed this to the side and let them dry as I worked on the headband that they would eventually go on.


I made my own ears out of light brown felt that I cut into large shaped ears (deers have big ears!) My mom sewed them onto the headband along with the fuzzy ears from the hood placing them inside the ones I made. This ended up working out great because the inside of the ears matched perfectly with the tummy. She then stiched these onto the headband and I painted the headband in the same beige colour previously used.. You can use any headband you want as long as it’s about half an inch or more thick. Don’t use a plastic headband as you will find it hard to attach the antlers to this. I made mine so big they were pretty heavy, I ended up having to get my dad to drill them right into the headband (crazy, I know!) After letting the antlers dry completely my dad bolted the antlers into the headband so they wouldn’t fall over or spin. I was extremely happy with how they turned out and it really made the costume come to life!

The final product

 IMG_3725 IMG_3726

While my dad was working away on attaching the antlers I cut out some dots that I wanted to stick on the back of the onesie to make the spots. I bought an 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheet of felt from Fabricland (on sale for $1.00.) What was great about this felt was that it was sticky at the back so once I had cut out all the dots all I had to do was peal back the sticker and place them on the onesie. I opted for two different sizes of dots and started at the top of the onesie and went right down to the tail. Using the leftover material from one of the antlers on the hoodie my mom cut that off and sewed that onto the tail (I had to have the classic white fluffy deer tail.)


Now that the costume was complete it was time to start the fun part– the make-up! I had Googled, pinned, and watched YouTube videos on how others created the deer makeup. I found one that I really liked and her tutorial was really simple to follow. I have provided this video tutorial below. I didn’t make a video of me doing the makeup but I did take progress pictures throughout!


START OFF WITH A CLEAN SLATE. I used a little bit of mascara on the top lash and that’s it! I curled my hair with a curling wand and then pulled it back from my face while doing my makeup.


Using white face pain ($1.50 from Dollarama)– use a makeup brush to outline around your eyes. I went just above my eyebrows and just below my eyes.I had to do a couple of coats before it was the white enough (careful not to make it too white)

Next, using bronzer, or light brown face paint (or a combo of the two–that’s what I did,) with another makeup brush, fill in around the white covering your entire forehead and stopping at the bottom of your cheekbones.

Before starting the dots. Take a small eyeshadow brush and use a medium shade of brown to contour your cheekbones. You can then blend this with the brush you used for the bronzer. To make the white dots I used the same white face paint as I did for the base and applied it with a Q-tip. This is why you don’t want to make the base too white otherwise the dots won’t show up clearly.

Using the same eyshadow brush/colour you used for the contour begin to fill in your eyebrows with the same colour. Next, using black eyeliner start at your brow and run two lines down to the bottom of your nose. Fill in the bottom of your nose, I also ran some of the eyeliner into my eyebrows so it all blended nicely. I found it easiest to use a gel eyeliner with a very tin-tip brush to get precise lines.

Using your black eyeliner again make exaggerated cat eyes on the top and bottom. I wanted to make large deer eyes so I extended my lower lash line a lot and added false eyelashes to the bottom and top lash! I went back in and added some white eyeshadow on the top and lower lids. VOILA- There you have it!

The final touches… I parted my hair down the center and did two one-inch thick french braids at the side. I completed the look with painting old faux-pearls bright red and dipped them in red sparkles to make them look like berries!


IMG_3673  IMG_3705

Time to get back to the drawing board for next year’s costume!

Mini Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes & Cake-Pops (Baby Shower Edition)

Mini Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes & Cake-Pops (Baby Shower Edition)

Baking ,the colour pink, parties, and babies…these are just a few of my favourite things! When all of these happened in one day for a baby shower you can imagine how happy I was!

I’ll start off with how I made the mini ice-cream cone cupcakes followed by the cake-pops and end off with my outfit of choice for the baby shower!

Mini Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes

This was the first time I’ve ever tried these out. They sure had the possibility of being disastrous, but thankfully it didn’t go down that route! For how cute these turned out you would think they would be hard to make but they are surprisingly really simple (major plus!)


 Step 1: Gather your materials!

IMG_3405   IMG_3416

These are all the items you’ll need (it’s that simple!)

  • 1 box of the cake-mix of your choice
  • 1 container of icing of your choice
  • A box of ice-cream cones– any size or shape you wish to use is fine (I used mini ones that were pointed at the base)
  • Sprinkles, candies, gum-balls,nuts, etc (I went for bright pink gum balls as a “cherry on top” for mine)
  • Piping bag/icing decorating tips (I got this box which includes 8 bags and 4 different types from Dollarama)– this way you can get that signature ice-cream swirl!

Depending on how you want to personalize our cones you can opt for any type of boxed cake-mix, icing, sprinkles (I got two containers filled with all different types of sprinkles from Dollarama), candies, and size/shape of the cones. I went for a classic looking ice-cream cone! The only thing I would change when I make these again is to use flat bottomed cones as the pointed ends made cooking the cake-mix somewhat tricky! Other than that, I was happy at how simple they were to make and didn’t take long at all!

Step 2: Arrange Cones In Cupcake/Muffin Pan

If you go with the pointed cones you will have to cover your pan with aluminum foil first and then poke holes in it so the cones can be inserted and stand straight up. This will prevent them from tipping over while the bake. Otherwise, place your flat-bottom comes directly into one of the circles of the pan. As you can see pictured below my cones are now sitting securely in the pan ready to be filled then baked!

IMG_3408    IMG_3409

Step 3: Fill cones with batter

                            IMG_3406   IMG_3412

I got this squeeze bottle from Homesense and it’s been perfect for making cupcakes, and even pancakes with no mess! It’s easy to fill as the top and bottom both come off, which makes for quick and easy cleaning of the bottle! Using this I filled the cones about 3/4 of the way full. Caution: Don’t overfill your cones or the cake will spew out over the top. It’s not the end of the world if that does happen to you. A couple of mine at the start did that but I just trimmed away any excess once the cake was cooledOnce you’ve filled the cone give it a light tap on your counter space (this allows for the batter to make it’s way all the way to the bottom.) If you take a look at the picture above you will see a cone cut open with the cooked cake reaching right down the very tip of the cone, this is exactly what you want! . IMPORTANT: IMMEDIATELY after your cones come out of the oven use a toothpick and poke a small whole to allow steam out (if you miss this step you will end up with soggy cones!)

Step 4: Assemble your stand/display

While you patiently wait for your cones to cool down you can get your stand or display ready. Because I went with the pointed bottomed cones I had to create something that would hold them upright. I used the top of a shoebox and wrapped it in some cute pink wrapping paper. Once that was done I poked small holes in the shoebox big enough that the cones stayed put. If you use flat bottom cones you can display your finished product any way you’d like!

IMG_3422Step 5: Decorate your cones!

This was my favourite part! Like I previously mentioned you can ice/decorate your cones any way you like as well as top it with anything (be creative!) I used one of the decorating tips to get the swirled icing and used multicoloured sprinkles and topped it off with a pink gum ball in keeping with the pink baby shower theme!


These ice-cream cones were a huge hit among those both young and old! I really enjoyed making them and will make them again in the future! 🙂


Anyone who has every made cake-pops before or attempted to make them knows they are a ton of work! The end product is really remarkable and it’s worth it to see people’s expressions on special occasions such as these! Sorry I don’t have pictures of every step! Next time I make these I will be sure to do so (I’m a visual learner so I know it helps to see what’s going on.)

Step 1: Gather your materials! 


What you will need:

  • 1 box of boxed cake mix (any kind)
  • 1 container of the icing of your choice
  • 1-2 bags of Wilton Candy Melts (can be bought at Michaels) or in bulk from the Bulk Barn
  • Lollipop sticks (Can also be found at Michaels and Bulk Barn)
  • Sprinkles, nuts, etc however you want to decorate your pops!
  • Also included in the photo is Wilton markers (edible)– these were perfect for drawing the faces on the baby cake-pops!

Step 1: Bake cake

Follow the instructions listed on the back of the cake mix. Don’t worry if the cake isn’t perfect when it comes out, you will be crumbling it to smithereens anyways! Just make sure it is cooked all the way through!

Step 2: Let cake cool

Once the cake is taken out of the oven give it time to cool COMPLETELY. You can remove it from the baking pan to let some of the steam out.

Step 3: Crumble cake

It seems like shame to crumble a perfectly good cake after it’s just come out of the oven but it’s exactly what is needed to start to cake-pop process. The easiest way to go about this is to cut your cake into two sections (if you are using a rectangular cake-pan.) Pick these two pieces up and rub them together, you will notice that the cake will begin crumbling into very fine pieces. Do this in a large bowl and once it is completely crumbled run a fork through it to make sure there aren’t any large chunks remaining.

Step 4: Add icing

This is where it is imperative that you let your cake cool completely before continuing. Once that is done, take your container of icing and add about half of it to your large bowl of crumbled cake. Mix these two ingredients in well. You should now be left with a sticky consistency with no loose crumbs. If it is still too dry you can always add more icing, start with less and add more in as you go.

Step 5: Roll into balls

Once your mixture is the right consistency you can now grab about a tablespoon sized helping of the cake and icing mix and begin rolling it into a ball. It will take a little bit for it to stick well. Ensure that it is as round as you can get it and that there are no holes and the cake/icing is stuck together well. Avoid making the balls too large or you will find that they fall off the stick when you go to dip it in the chocolate. You can then lay all of the completed balls out onto wax paper and insert them in the fridge or freezer for 5-10 minutes while you melt your candy melts.

Step 6: Melt candy melts

In a microwave-safe container or on a double-broiler melt your candy melts until they are a nice runny consistency. DO NOT overcook these chocolates or they will become too hard and not usable.

Step 7: Insert lollipop sticks

Once your candy melts are ready you can take your first lollipop stick and dip one end of it into this mixture (about an inch deep.) Tap off any extra and then insert the coated end of the stick into the ball. It is easiest if you insert it with the ball staying flat on the wax paper. Remember not to push the lollipop stick in too far or it will break through the top of the cake-pop and fall off the stick! Complete this step for all remaining balls.

                                       IMG_3413 IMG_3414

Step 8: Place back in fridge/freezer

To ensure that the stick is going to be securely on the ball you can place them back in the fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes!

Step 9: Dip cake-pops in candy melts

This is the most tedious part of the whole process and can become very frustration. Once you get the hang of it, each and every time you make these you will get better at this step. With the lollipop stick now on the ball you can dunk it into a tall glass. Place it all the way in the liquid as far down as it goes but don’t force it as they are very delicate. Also do not swirl the stick around in the candy melts as this will loosen up the stick and may cause it to separate from the ball. Carefully take the now coated ball out of the melts and gently tap off any excess chocolate. Don’t tap too hard or your ball will fall right off the stick (I’ve had that happen far too many times, or I loose a ball from not dunking it properly)

Step 10: Decorate

You can decorate your cake pops any way you please. Remember to work fast if you are using things such as sprinkles as it will only stick while the melts are still wet! To make “baby” cake-pops like the ones I did, stick a small cupcake wrapper on the back of the cake pop as it is still wet. I used the edible markers to draw on the face and tied some pink ribbon in a bow (they actually ended up looking like arms coincidently.)


Step 11: Set aside to dry

The candy melts do dry fairly quickly but just to be overly cautious I usually place my finished cake-pops on a stand to allow them to continue drying. This will ensure that they have a smooth polished finish!

Step 12: Presentation

Pack them up, wrap them up or stick them in a container! I used a flower arrangement that already had oasis in it. I like to use oasis as the cake pops stick into it perfectly and hold really well. It’s an unpleasant green colour so I just covered mine with pink tissue paper and then poked the lollipop sticks right through it. These make great gifts, why not show off all your hard work and deliver some to your friends and family? You can get really creative with how you decorate them and they are also raved about at any party I bring them to!

IMG_3429 IMG_3431

The two finished products presented together…  



Last but not least…my outfit for the shower! In keeping with the theme, I opted for cheetah print with a hint of pink!

Outfit Details:

  • Black/Pink 3/4 sleeve cheetah print shift dress with black trim/back zipper (Winners)
  • Black Blazer with faux-leather sleeves (H & M)
  • Black Michael Kors Fulton Flats (Macy’s)– I went for comfort since I knew I would be on my feet walking around all day!
  • Baby pink statement necklace (Boutique in New York City)– Kept it simple because of the loud patterned dress
  • Black sheer stockings– not necessary but it was freezing so I went with them!
  • Assorted Tiffany & Co bracelets and Pandora Rings– These are my staple pieces of jewellery that I wear on a day-to-day basis and when I’m going out!

IMG_3488 IMG_3489

IMG_3490                     IMG_3491


Ghosts Of Halloween Costumes Past

Ghosts Of Halloween Costumes Past

Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays–only a few weeks to go!

Ever since I was a young girl my mom would hand-make costumes for my brother, sister and I. Those weeks of planning and late nights spent sewing, gluing, ironing, etc have transpired into my life today at 23 years old. I really have my mom to thank for my love of this holiday and for the enthusiasm and creativity we both love to put into costumes. I know that one day when I have kids of my own I will love spending countless hours coming up with ideas and putting it all together.

For now, I will share with you just a few of my previous Halloween costumes that I have photos of.

Stay tuned in a couple weeks time for this year’s costume…a deer ( I can’t wait for the transformation!)


                                             IMG_8545      74500_10150312265125414_1056824_n

I did this costume over four years ago so bear with me as I try remembering details!

From top to bottom…

Peacock Earrings: Forever 21, Peacock hairclip: hot glue gunned an extra feather onto a clip, Large Fake Eyelashes: Shopper’s Drug Mart, Sequin Bustier Tank: Forever 21, extra peacock feather mask (quick stitch across chest of tank), Black Tutu (Tip: Ask around if anyone took ballet, if not you can make your own with tulle from Fabricland), I also used some extra masks along the left and righthand side of the tutu, Feather-back, glued a bunch of masks onto cardboard so it was sturdy and attached that on string so I could easily wear it like a backpack, Peacock Feathers, this is where I really splurged, but it was a definite must– I got 3 large feathers from Pier One Imports and just stuck them down the tank-top. This really pulled the whole costume together and made it come alive! Fishnets, I got mine for $2.00 at Dollarama–they have great little additions for any costume you just have to go early, Black Pumps, Steve Madden. 


Rub a dub dub…

This was certainly one of my more extravagant costumes that took up a ton of space. It was so fun to create, and super simple! Not only was it a HUGE costume but it was a HUGE hit!


IMG_1501                        IMG_1507

From top to bottom…

I got the Plush Bow Headband/Tube-Top Bath Wrap from Forever 21 as a set. It was around $15.00 and the best part about it was that I was able to use it again! I’m all about trying to use things I already have for parts of my costume or if I have to buy items I try to see if it’s possible to use again! I kept jewellery to a minimum as I wanted to keep the image of being in a bath real, I wore small faux-pearl earrings that actually looked like little bubbles! I wore my hair up in a sock bun with a few pieces down, however you might wear your hair in the bath! Now for the star of the show THE BATHTUB: I kept a large rectangular cardboard box and covered it entirely with white poster board and extended it out about two feet on either side shaping it like a bathtub! I attached the box on white strings so that it would hold up (it was surprisingly light!).Having it on straps was also convenient for travelling with your costume so that it can easily come off/on. I bought a pack of white balloons and tried blowing them up all around the same size to make the” bubbles.” I filled in the extra space with a package of spider web fluff that I bought from Dollarama to have a foam effect. I found a shower head at Dollarama that I decided to transform into the faucet of a bathtub. I bought a small rubber-duck and other things such as a sponge, loofas, back exfoliators, and any empty soap containers you may have sitting around. In keeping with the theme,I finished it all off with turquoise flip flops (these ones were from Old Navy that I already had!)

Baby Doll:

This was a year where I actually went out two nights for Halloween so naturally had to have two VERY different costumes (you’ll see what I mean quickly). This costume was extremely simply as I had an old skating costume that I used and transformed into a baby doll with some little touches.

 IMG_5836  IMG_5834


From top to bottom…

Hair Bows: These were part of the costume that included the white t-shirt with lace and the CUTE checked shorts. You would use any type of ribbon to create this look, if you match the shorts, even better! I loosely curled my hair and put it into pigtails to channel my inner child. I used fake eyelashes on the top and on the bottom I made an exaggerated eye to look like a doll by using white eye-liner and then making a new bottom lash-line and stuck on more fake eye-lashes on the lower “new lid” I opted for freckles, bright blush and bright lip that I coloured just in the middle to complete the doll face. I had some tall white socks and white loafers to complete the costume!

Sugar Skull:

Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos)

I’m a huge fan of all things skulls so figured why not be one?!

I came up with the idea for this costume after countless hours spent searching Pinterest. I had come across a lot of people who had done an awesome job on the makeup so I figured I’d give it a shot. The result ended up being an unbelievable costume which was made entirely by the make-up (I was completely unrecognizable by my very own friends.) I was kind of cool to dress up for Halloween and not look anything like your regular self! This was also the first time I opted for something scary instead of pretty or cute, it was the most fun! This same year I saw a lot of celebrities take on this look too and it started becoming increasingly popular ever since!

Unfortunately I don’t have any tutorials on the makeup as I did this long before I started this blog, but if you search around on Pinterest and YouTube like I did you can find some great tutorials for this! I visited a couple different sites and combined a few looks so that it was exactly how i wanted it to be.


IMG_5781      IMG_5779

From top to bottom…

Flower Clip: I went to Dollarama and bought bright red fake flowers and cut them off the stem and glued them onto a large clip. Black wig: I also got this from Dollarama ($2.00, such an awesome deal)– this was my favourite part, having been a natural blonde my entire life it was neat putting on a jet-black wig for the night! I pulled the wig to one side and tied it in a low pony tale so it wasn’t taking away from the face makeup. Necklace: I got this skull chocker necklace & bracelet and skull gloves I cut the tips off from Dollarama in the Halloween costume section for $2.00 each, Lace Dress: This was a long-sleeve lace dress that I already had, it was just perfect for the look! I used the same black fishnets from a few years back and the same shoes!

Minnie Mouse: 

Last but not least! I was travelling to British Columbia so unfortunately I couldn’t have a large costume and had to keep it pretty small! This seemed to be the year of Minnie Mouse costumes, I knew of three other people who did it that same year! The costume itself I kept simple but the effort on the make-up really made Minnie Mouse come to life! With this costume I put my mom’s years of making children’s costumes back to the test!

IMG_8724        IMG_8708       IMG_8564

From top to bottom…

Minnie Mouse Ears, these are authentic STRAIGHT from Disneyland ears! I had the ears for years and it’s really what made me think to do this costume! Makeup: It was as simple as buying some black face makeup and finishing it off with bright red lips! Again, similar to the sugar skull makeup I looked at numerous tutorials. A lot of people who have done this costume only do the little nose, but creating the mouse heart shaped face MADE the look! Shirt/Skirt I bought a plain black cotton long-sleeve from Walmart and my mom used the extra red material from the skirt to make the bib and stitched on some buttons. The skirt would have been easier if I could have just found a red skirt with white polka dots, but of course when you’re looking for something you won’t find it. So I improvised and with the help of my mom and her handy sewing machine it turned out great! All I did was buy sheets of white felt from a craft store and made a circle stencil and stuck them onto the skirt. Bow Belt: This was a belt that I actually had and it couldn’t have been more perfect for this costume, it’s things like these I’m glad I keep in my costume (you never know when they might come in handy like this did!)  I wore thick black tights to make my legs look just like Minnie’s and to match the long-sleeve top! Gloves: I bought plain white gloves from Dollarama and used a black sharpie to colour the black lines after looking at Minnie costumes/pictures online. I didn’t have bright yellow shoes like Minnie does so I just wore black to match the tights!

Check out my post on my DIY deer costume! The makeup on this one is what really makes the look come alive!